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Cabinet Refacing of South West, Michigan

The Most Affordable and Convenient Way to Remodel Your Kitchen

A newly refaced cabinet system can be a stunning centerpiece in your West Michigan home. As experts in kitchen remodeling, we certainly see why cabinet refacing is a highly desired product offering. After all, the impact cabinets have on a kitchen or bath design is unmatched by any other design element. For this reason, we are thrilled to introduce our cabinet refacing partnership with Home Solutions by MKD!


Our cabinet refacing program is the answer for homeowners who are looking to completely transform the look and feel of their kitchen. Cabinet refacing provides effective modernization to your exhausted, cracked, worn, or simply out of style cabinets, leaving behind a beautifully renewed focal point in your space. Without starting from scratch, our cabinet refacing process will utilize the “bones” of your present cabinet system and update it to be as good as new. 


Did we mention cabinet refacing not only provides a brand new look but also is only a fraction of the cost of new cabinets? Cabinet refacing is the fastest and most affordable way to makeover your kitchen or bath, allowing homeowners to skip the inconvenience and disruption of a full remodel. In just three days, Home Solutions will present you with the kitchen of your dreams, and leave you wondering why you didn’t call us sooner! 

The Kitchen Shop is now Partnering with Home Solutions by MKD for Your Cabinet Refacing Needs!

Home Solutions Cabinet Refacing

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Is Cabinet Refacing Right For Me?

  • Cabinet refacing is an exceptional solution for homeowners who are happy with the current footprint and layout of their kitchen, as this will stay the same with cabinet refacing. 
  • Homeowners looking to revamp their kitchen with a quick, budget-friendly solution that won’t require the commitment of a full scale remodel are a great fit for our cabinet refacing program.

What Does Cabinet Refacing Include?

The Signature® Refacing Process is a comprehensive way to bring your ideal look to life. Along with customized project solutions and virtually limitless customizations, our cabinet refacing offering includes:  

  • Your choice of door and drawer styles from a pristine selection, ranging from classic to contemporary. We stay up-to-date on the latest trends while keeping your personal preference in mind. Offering modern shaker and slab style, traditional beaded and raised-panel style, and more.
  • A wide array of embellishment options to select from, including molding and trim work.
  • An offering of a variety of woods, glazes, stains, finishings, and colors to ensure your new cabinets will fit your vision perfectly.
  • Various hardware options to choose from, including cabinet handles, knobs, and hinges.
  • Numerous accessories to choose from, including tilt-out trays, spice rack trays, trash pullouts, roll-outs, pantry pullouts, and more. 
  • Select upgrades, including the ever-popular soft-close hinges and glides. As well as a choice to install cabinet lighting, a new sink, a matching toe kick, or even heighten your cabinets. 

What is the end Result of Cabinet Refacing?

  • Once the cabinet refacing process is complete, your cabinets will look, feel, and function like new. 
  • The best part about cabinet refacing is that the process requires less labor and materials to complete, which means less cost for you!
  • In addition, with standard care, your refaced cabinetry will have your kitchen looking beautiful for decades to come. 
What is the end result of cabinet refacing?

What are the benefits of cabinet refacing

What are the Benefits of Cabinet Refacing?

  • Refresh your space with the latest and greatest.
    • Choose from the latest trends in cabinet styles, finishes, doors, moldings, and hardware options available. 
    • Select from a wide array of colors, stains, and materials that fit your style.
  • Revive your day-to-day with practical results.
    • Improve the functionality of your kitchen or bath with space-saving solutions that can be customized to your unique needs. 
  • Restore
    • Increase the visual appeal and overall aesthetic of your kitchen or bath. 
    • Be excited to step into your new space and recognize the potential that was there all along!

What Does Cabinet Refacing Involve?

Our cabinet refacing program involves expert services in design, manufacturing, and installation. While this renovation solution is efficient, the key to effective cabinet refacing is to work with experienced professionals to guarantee quality results. That’s why our team’s practice involves steps to ensure satisfaction from start to finish! The cabinet refacing process involves:

  • Keeping your current cabinet boxes in place, while installing new cabinet box coverings which cover all visible surfaces of your cabinets with refacing panels that are an exceptional ¼” thick.  
  • Removing your cabinets doors and the fronts of your cabinets drawers.
  • Installing pristine, custom-built cabinet doors, drawer fronts, and hardware.
  • Additional kitchen updates can be installed as well, including your choice in a variety of tile backsplashes, lighting, granite and quartz countertops, and any design elements.
  • A hassle-free remodeling option that, unlike a full scale remodel that can take weeks to complete, our refacing process effectively minimizes disruption in your home.
  • Our proven cabinet refacing process allows us to update your kitchen in as little as 3 days!
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 Why Michigan Residents Choose Us For Cabinet Refacing

Choosing our parter, Home Solutions by MKD means choosing knowledge, expertise, and passion. With over 300 years of combined experience, our design professionals are qualified and eager to tackle your cabinet refacing project. Each member of our team is customer-driven and understands the value of your home to you. Our success relies on the development of strong relationships with our clients, while practicing effective communication and personalized service. It is our mission to fully comprehend our clients’ vision and execute each remodeling project as if it were in our own home. 

Providing the best to our clients is all we have ever known and those standards span to our products, services, and partners. We are proud of our long-standing relationship with Michigan Kitchen Distributors (“MKD”) and are privileged to have the opportunity to partner with them on our new cabinet refacing partnership with Home Solutions by MKD. 

Michigan Kitchen Distributors has been in business for 70 years and is a family-owned and -operated business, known as a top provider of kitchen and bath solutions. MKD launched its sister company Home Solutions by MKD to service the Midwest market and provide a quick, accessible, and affordable way to renew existing cabinets with cabinet refacing. Our partnership with Home Solutions by MKD offers a remodeling solution that works for nearly any homeowner. 

Backed by our dedicated team at The Kitchen Shop, Home Solutions by MKD guarantees unmatched customer service, quality products, timely delivery, and professional installation services. We are thrilled that our partnership will bring an affordable update, hassle-free convenience, and lasting durability to our customers. For further information on our Signature® Refacing Program, please contact us today to schedule a free consultation. We look forward to helping your kitchen reach its potential!

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