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Top Kitchen Design Trends

Posted by The Kitchen Shop on Dec 31, 2019 1:37:17 PM

The biggest trend in overall home design this year has been bringing natural influences into the home. Expect that to continue into 2020 as people are looking for ways to 'detox' when they get home from a long day. What better way to bring refreshing outdoor natural influences into the home with spectacular outside views than by installing large picture windows throughout the house where possible.

Looking out large windows at distant mountains or contemplating a close-by lake or river, lets you remember there is more to life than the cluttered desk at work or stressed-out bosses. Once you get home, you easily relax and shed stress in minutes. If it is dark when you arrive home, warm comfortable lighting throughout your home can help to soothe the nerves.

A positive and upbeat mood prevails for people wherever warm sunlight flows into rooms throughout a house. Add in warm or light pleasing colors on walls and floors and add brighter accessory accents. Homeowners feel less stressed and happier to be in their home environment.


Warm beige colors and varied green hues that reflect lush gardens or the sea, or the light blues and grays of the sky, remain popular choices for painting walls. Light browns, such as a mushroom color, work well too. Furniture materials can pick up the paint color in a multicolored fabric, or you can use a contrasting color.

Wood floors or tile also pick up or complement wall colors, while furniture and small accessory pieces provide those stronger color accents that meld together for a pleasing environmental outcome.

Here are a few popular color selections for 2020 from several top paint companies:

Pantone Classic Blue Kitchen Cabinet Design Trend




While large picture windows work well in living and dining rooms, kitchens and breakfast nooks also benefit from extra sunlight when installing sliding glass doors leading to the outdoors. A window over the sink provides extra light to see what you are doing when working in the sink.

Even better, a large window extending past the edges of the sink opens that confined area to provide more light without the need of an overhead spotlight until evening rolls in. Check out some visual ideas here from Houzz.

You can glance out now and then to view the wildlife, trees, mountains, and lakes while rinsing used dishes to put into the dishwasher. You might have to stop yourself from daydreaming too much, though.

Add lighting fixtures in the kitchen that give you plenty of light while cooking at night and talking with gathered friends and family members. A kitchen bar or center kitchen island makes a great place for everyone to congregate while you are cooking. If you do not have one, think about adding that kitchen island if you have the center space for it.

Use kitchen and dining light fixtures that can be dimmed to a softer tone after the cooking is done so that everyone can relax with full tummies after a great meal. Dining and kitchen spaces are still the best places for everyone to gather together and connect after a day of being off at school or work.

Wall Colors

Wall color choices still tend to be white, beige, or light gray, but with warmer hues to counterbalance that pristine look. Behr’s Back to Nature (sage/gray) or Benjamin Moore’s First Light (light rose) could work very well in your kitchen.

Don’t forget that you can paint your kitchen ceiling a different color hue to add depth and contrast. Painted window and ceiling trims can add more spark to the overall effect.


Once you have chosen the wall color, select cabinet wood finishes that complement the wall color, or go with a contrast painted a color that you love. Darker colors, such as dark browns and grays, work great, but so do wonderful colors like navy blue, burgundy, or even plum.

Most cabinet manufacturers have caught on to customers wanting better storage options. Always ask what there is available for keeping your pots and pans tucked away, yet easy to pull out when you need one. Check out a few options from Dura Supreme Cabinet here.

Bottom cabinet sliding pullouts lets you avoid getting on the floor to find that casserole dish you haven’t used in ages. You can easily stack everything without having to unpack cookware to get to the back piece you wanted.

There are also in-between cabinet pullout racks where you can safely store bottled liquids for cooking, as well as contained spices and herbs. Once you use what you need for that meal, you just slide it back in and everything is now hidden. Alternatively, you can also use a specially-designed drawer for storing your herbs and spices.

A trend coming up in 2020 is using shelves rather than cabinets so you can easily see where things are at a glance. This style works best in farmhouse rustic kitchens and minimalist-style modern kitchens. Minimalist kitchens with shelving usually showcase specialty items, such as old glassware (no longer used), old pottery pieces, and even that old mixer you used to use 20 years ago. It’s all about your style and what you want to look at when in your kitchen working on meals or just sitting with your early morning coffee.

Open Shelving Kitchen Design Trend


Quartz (Silestone and Viatera) is a favorite among types of countertops and comes in many styles. It is easy to care for and is more affordable than granite. Once your quartz countertop is installed, it will be there for years with very little to be done to it except for basic cleaning.

Granite and marble are two other options for hard solid tops although it can be easier to chip these than the quartz countertops. You can have a specialist come in and repair any damages to your countertop should the worst happen, so such issues are not that problematic.

Always use a cutting board on any countertop when chopping food instead of using the countertop surface. It is far easier to replace a cutting board than the countertop you spent a lot of money on.

Calacatta Quartz Countertops Kitchen Design Trends


Stainless steel appliances will likely never go out of style. The light gray color (shiny or matte) goes with every cabinet, wall, and flooring color you can come up with and it is easy enough to wipe off the kids’ fingerprints once a day. There is something very clean-looking with stainless steel, especially when all of them are from the same manufacturer.

Yet, as with cabinets and wall colors, you can now find appliances in different colors, too, aside from the usual white and black versions. Maybe you have decided you want a very pristine look in the kitchen but want to add a pop of color by using an appliance manufacturer that puts out a whole set in burgundy. KitchenAid, for example, puts out appliances in fire engine red and cobalt blue, aside from the standard colors.

Kitchen Flooring

Tile, various shades of wood, cement, and brick are options for flooring in the kitchen. There are several factors to consider when choosing a type of flooring, and that is whether it will be easy to clean away dropped food and liquid spills, for one. The other is if you drop your cast iron skillet on it, will the floor crack? If you have a ceramic tile floor, you will have to replace the part that was damaged.

Brick flooring goes nicely with the rustic farmhouse look but watch out for an uneven installation. If you have edges sticking up, it will be too easy for someone to trip over that edge. You may be carrying a hot dish from the oven and trip, hurting yourself badly from the fall as well as hot food landing on you.


There are a lot of choices available when you decide you want to redesign your kitchen. You can do a complete overhaul down to the bare walls and floor, or you may choose a more budget-friendly option, such as refacing your current kitchen cabinets. Your decision will be solely based your needs, wants, and budget.

The kitchen is where people gather. Make your space spectacular today by scheduling an appointment with one of our design consultants.

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